1. Fishing only with barbless hooks (not debarbed) and no braided line. No hooks bigger than size 8.
2. No keep nets. Pan Micro mesh landing nets only.
3. Every fisherman must have a landing net & mat, those who do not must hire one or leave the water.
4. Nets and Mats are to be dipped in the disinfectant wash prior to taking them to the pool side.
5. No capped feeder above 2” long.
6. Brookside carp pellets only.
7 No dry peanuts, dry tick beans, hemp or boilies, tinned cat or dog food. No ground bait allowed. (Banned baits not allowed at the waterside).
8. No discarded lines, cigarette tips or litter of any kind to be left at the waterside. Disregarding this rule will result in an immediate ban. All you litter must be taken sway with you.
9. Please use the toilet facilities provided.
10. No rods to be left unattended.
11. No children at all under 16 allowed on the top pool.
12. Environmental Agency Rod License required.
14. Do not enter the pool area before you have booked in at the cabin, if no one is there ring the bell on the door at the house.
​15. At certain times of the years only 1 rod will be allowed 

These rules may be revoked or added to at any time.


All your litter must be taken away with you.  

Brookside Lakes

24th March – December

No night fishing